Our Sponsors and Supporters!

We thank each and every one of our supporters, sponsors, and donators. Without your help and support we would not be able to do what we do!! Especially all of our followers!! You make what we do possible by all of your support and donations!!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Thank you for helping us make a difference!!! 

Coastal Veterinary Dermatology & Ear Clinic
Dr. Rossi is a board certified Veterinary Dermatologist that has a passion for animals that we are amazed by. Dr. Rossi and his staff have donated so much of their time to helping these babies with their skin and ear issues. Not only is Dr. Rossi knowledgeable, and compassionate, but he is so informative and patient. He makes sure to answer any questions you have and he will explain in depth if you ask him to. Thank you so much for your continued support!!

Clear Creek Animal Hospital
Dr. Petersen, Dr. Webster, and their staff have done an incredible job with our rescues!! They helped save more lives than we can count!! We just love how they go over everything with the new owners and fosters to make sure there are no questions left unanswered! We are more than grateful and appreciate your continued support!!!

Ceva Animal Health
Ceva continues to provide thousands of pounds of medical and non-medical supplies to help us heal and pamper our animals as they deserve!! We are forever grateful and thank you so much for your continued support!!

Dechra continues to provide medical supplies to help us be able to continue helping all of our animals in need!!  We are forever grateful and thank you so much for your continued support!!

Rayne Clinical Nutrition
Rayne Clinical Nutrition has helped so many of our food allergic animals with their novel protein diets and treats! It doesn't stop there, no, they have donated thousands of pounds of dog and cat food to help feed animals in need!! We are forever grateful and thank you!!

Texas Veterinary Dental Center
Dr. Todd McCoy is a board certified veterinary dentist that has done so many good things for our rescues. Not only is his passion for animals very obvious. But his knowledge and compassion makes him amazing!! He is so informative with every rescue to make sure we understand everything so that baby can heal as quickly as possible! Thank you for everything Dr. McCoy!!

Vetrimax Veterinary Products
Vetrimax donates as much as they can when they can. We absolutely LOVE one of the best shampoos for parvo puppies after they have recovered and puppies with mange, Command shampoo! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to help all these babies!!

Kims Furever Homes & Adoptions

We are in Southeast Houston in Clear Lake, TX

Registered Charity EIN# 84-4677536
Houston, TX, US

About us

KFHA became an official 501(c)(3) non profit in early 2020 after the founder had been rescuing on her own for over 10 years. Our mission is not just to find homes for babies, but to also take in high risk medical cases, therefore, we frequently visit board certified specialists to make sure they receive the best care, along with focusing on making the best match for their furever home. KFHA has gone the extra mile to educate themselves on proper medical care, prevention care, and general pet care so they can spread the education to anyone willing to learn. Our founder attends many continuing education seminars every year, for example, VMX, NAVDF, SWVS to name a few. She became a member of the American Heartworm Society this year, 2022, and will be attending the AHSS in September.

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