Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?
A: We are foster based in South East Texas. We will travel for meet and greets but you must be an approved adopter.

Q: How old do I need to be to adopt?
A: 25 and older to Adopt or Foster please.  18 or older to Volunteer!  Exceptions at the discretion of the board.

Q: What are the adoption fees?
A: We do not charge adoption fees. We only accept donations.

Q: What does the adoption include?
A: Transport to you if needed $250.00+, microchip $50.00, spay/neuter $350.00+, vaccines $30.00+ (we cover all puppy vaccines), vet check prior to adoption $125.00, crate/kennel $50.00+, goodie bag (can include toys, treats, dog bed, leash, harness, and collar) $100.00+, small bag of current dog food $15.00+, and 1st month of heartworm prevention $6.05 (Heartgard), flea and tick prevention (Credelio) $20.00. If the veterinarian feels any long-term treatment is needed, we pay that as well. All rescues will see a specialist if needed. We only provide these babies with the best care because they only deserve the best! Please inquire with specific questions you may have prior to adopting.

Q: Why don't you charge a fee with everything you cover?
A: As you can see above, we do pay out a great deal of money. We are in the red. But we don't feel it's fair to tell you how much you should "pay". These are lives. No life is worth any amount of money. We do appreciate all donations and every penny we receive goes to everything we've listed and then some.  We pay website fees, gas, tolls, travel fees, dog food, we pay on veterinary bills to help families that can't afford the care, we give to other rescues, animal trappers, and transporters, the list is endless.

Q: I saw your item donation wish list on your home page but how can I make a monetary donation?
A: You can use our "Make a Donation" button at the top of each page to make a direct donation.  Or you can use our PayPal ( or our Venmo (@kimsfureverhomes). All donations are tax deductible!  Thank you!

Q: How long does it take to approve my application?
A: There is no guarantee on the time. A complete application will be processed more quickly. It usually takes about one week. We are very thorough. Every once in a while it will take a little longer than normal to get the nationwide criminal background check results back.

Q: I'm in! How do I apply?
A: You can go to this link to fill out our application and an adoption counselor will be in touch:

Kims Furever Homes & Adoptions

We are in Southeast Houston in Clear Lake, TX

Registered Charity EIN# 84-4677536
Houston, TX, US

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Kims Furever Homes & Adoptions is a 501(c)(3) no profit organization dedicated to preserving the happiness and sanctity of all animals. Committing ourselves and our resources to finding furever homes for the pets that come our way. We connect loving people with loving pets and help keep pets in their loving homes while providing as much education as we can about proper animal care.

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